Arco, Francesco & Claudia

Church planter

Palce: Genova
Ministry: Church planter
Mission Agency: GMI


In November 2007, we and three other Evangelical Christian missionary families settled in Genoa with the aim of preaching the Gospel and bringing the person of the Lord Jesus Christ to the knowledge of all. However, we tried to be more concrete in carrying out the works of mercy towards our neighbour that the Lord commands all his disciples to do, and with this in mind, in March 2011 we founded the voluntary association ‘Mani del Maestro’ (Hands of the Master), set up to help needy families in Genoa, with a particular focus on the Valpolcevera area. We are the Hands and the Master is Jesus Christ. We aim to be the Hands of Jesus, attentive to the practical and spiritual needs of the population.
Thus over the years the small community of the Gospel Meeting with Jesus has taken shape, officially a project of the ‘Hands of the Master’ association.
Encounter with Jesus, proposes to expound and teach the Bible, to bring people who are interested in a personal encounter with God in the person of Christ Jesus with the work of the Holy Spirit, with the aim of a true integral transformation of people so that they can get closer and closer to the image of God to glorify Him with their lives. When the Master becomes your Lord!

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