GMI – (Italian Missionary Group) is a service mission agency for Italians in mission. It is a dynamic, functional group structured within IM.

Vision: Facilitate the involvement of Italians in missions. Mission: Offer missional service to Italians in mission and their churches. Values: The Word of God, prayer, faith, compassion for the lost, passion for the glory of God; a vision for mission.

GMI: What?
Learning from other international ministries (especially the German agency DMG and UK-based Echoes of Service):
• GMI exists to facilitate a vision for mission in and from Italy.
• GMI exists to facilitate the missionary service of Italians.
• GMI is a service primarily aimed at Italian missionaries serving in their own country or abroad.
• GMI is a service for the sending local churches.
• GMI functions as a real mission agency and comes alongside local, sending churches in facilitating the sending of Italians into missions.
An important characteristic of GMI is that it serves Italians involved in mission both in Italy and to the ends of the earth!

GMI and finances
• GMI develops as a ‘faith mission’. Each missionary will walk by faith believing that God will provide necessary finances to engage in the mission.
• Where possible GMI will seek to help its missionaries in this important area in every possible way.
• GMI will not withhold any part of incoming gifts for the financial support of its missionaries (subject to review).

GMI and the local churches
In the case of an Italian being called by God and sent by the local church into mission-work, GMI will do all that is possible to facilitate the mission.
• GMI is in no way a substitute for the local church but exists to support it.
• GMI does not send, manipulate or direct missionaries.
• GMI exists to support the local church.
• GMI has no geographical limitation.
• GMI cares for missionaries at the request of their local sending churches.
• GMI aims at ensuring that pastoral care and support are available at the site of the mission service.

Who can be part of GMI?
GMI accepts Italians who are called of God and who:
• Are sent/commended by a local sending church.
• Are committed to be involved in His Service.
• Are adequately trained and prepared for the mission.
• Accept the structure and function of GMI.
• Are members of the missionary network: Italian Ministries.

Acceptance in GMI occurs following appropriate screening of the candidate and in close contact with the local church. For further information:

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