Gullett, Foster & Laura

Fondazione Chiese

Località: Bologna
Ambito di servizio: Fondazione Chiese
Agenzia missionaria: Mission to the World

Foster and Laura met at Mississippi State University where both were active in RUF leadership. Through a scholarship, Laura had the opportunity to study politics abroad in Florence, Italy.  While there, she saw the post-modern worldview held by the people sitting in the beautiful piazzas, cafés, and elegant classrooms. Though Italy evokes a sense of awe and wonder, most Italians do not have a personal relationship with Christ. It is a juxtaposition of beauty and brokenness. After graduation, Foster worked for several years as a cost estimator for a construction company in Oxford while Laura received a law degree at the University of Mississippi. During their time in Oxford, the Gulletts felt called to Italy and began ministry with university students in Bologna. Home to the western world’s oldest university and the world’s first law school, Bologna has approximately 100,000 students.

The Gulletts work alongside the local church to share the gospel with students through its university ministry. They prayerfully desire for the students to see the indelible grace of Jesus through their relationships. They also work with the church’s prostitution ministry, meeting not only the physical needs of those caught in human trafficking, but more importantly, proclaiming the gospel of freedom in Jesus.

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