Currin, Paul & Beverly


Località: Roma
Ambito di servizio: Insegnamento e Leadership
Agenzia missionaria: Global Outreach International

Paul is a teacher at the Italian Evangelical Bible Institute. IBEI is an accredited school which provides a solid evangelical and interdenominational Bible training on the college level, equipping Italians for leadership in various ministries. He teaches primarily exegesis courses as well as exegetical studies in various Old and New Testament books. He also teaches Hebrew and Methods of Research and is developing the school library. His life verse is Ezra 7:10.

Paul and Bev are also working with a small, evangelical church in the suburbs of Rome in a town called Mentana. Bev has been primarily involved in the Rome Bible Study Fellowship Evening Women’s Class as the teaching leader and in the music ministry of the church. Paul’s main role in the church is in teaching and leadership development.

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